Sustainable development

The population of Rwanda continues to grow and as a consequence questions arise about nutrition and food security.  The growing population naturally increases the pressures on the environment (forests, nature parks…..).  The efforts to achieve a sustainable harvest in the natural environment and the development of cultivation methods of wild species can help to mitigate these pressures on the environment.

Moreover, the rural populations can clearly benefit from their local products, for example by the consumption of edible mushrooms or from income derived from their sale.  By linking this source of income to the local nature, the population will appreciate the benefits of protecting the forests and ecosystems as true treasures to be certainly preserved.

The biggest part of the income goes to women, the largest group of employees in the mushroom sector and it is mainly these same women that harvest wild mushrooms.

In this way, this project makes a direct contribution to the socio-economic development of the country.

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